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2014 Week 15 Overall Top 8 Rankings

RKTeamRecordPointsPV RK
1AlabamaAlabama (12)12-11031
3Florida StateFlorida State (1)13-0793
4Ohio StateOhio State12-1636
7Mississippi StateMississippi State10-220-
8Michigan StateMichigan State10-2138

Others Receiving Votes

Missouri 2, Ole Miss 2, Georgia 1, Georgia Tech 1

Teams Dropped Out from Last Week's Poll




Since the BCS gave rise to the Legends Poll it will be interesting to see how things go this season with The Playoff system. Are any of the coaches on the committee to choose the Final Four?


I like the idea. Lets hope they can evaluate the teams without looking at the conference. I only say this becsuse most other polls always seem to give extra credit to some teams just because of their conference (SEC). I think the SEC has some great teams but they also have some lower level teams.


Love the idea of this poll.  I love the effort and passion that is put into it by very respectable people, the legends! I come respectfully, trust me, ranking teams is no easy task.  There are two main ways to rank teams, eyeball test, and body of work.  Body of work from K State and ND, are greater than Alabama and Oregon.  So am I wrong to say that if you are judging "body of work" that K State and ND should be #1 and #2, unanimously, and if you're judging eyeball test, Oregon and Alabama should be numbers 1 and 2, with some room for argument from the other 2? My question is, if K State is ranked above Oregon for "body of work" should not K State also be ranked above Alabama?  My challenge would be to ask, what system are you using if you put K State ahead of Oregon after week 9?  Eyeball test or Body of work?  If it's body of work, I think you are wrong to keep Bama at #1.  And if you think Bama should be number 1, maybe Oregon should be number 2. There is a ton of football left, but I'd love to know that my thoughts were heard.  I will continue to return here and see the continued efforts put in by everyone@legendschannel:disqus Thank you all! perk


Pat Dye has Auburn as #19, LOL.


Thanks for catching that! He did not have Auburn in his top 25. We had yet to update the coach’s pages and Dye’s final poll from 2011 was displayed. You can check back and see his full updated top 25 from Week 3. Thanks!